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Heritage Ayurvedics.The ancient way of Ayurveda and Marma.


In Heritage Ayurvedics, together with Medicine and Marma applications any rare disease and disabilities will be cured with in short span of period based on age. Our approaches help to curing  Chronic diseases, disabilities and rare disease . It is managed by a 29th generation expert in Vedas and other 64 branches of connecting science of ancient traditions. We have the Vedic methodical formula to decode the body and mind using the fifth Veda. Fifth Veda is puzzles used to detect the real imbalance of body and mind. It is only the way to define the up and down and intensity of the substance of the unique body and its imbalance. For us every human body is unique and we prefer to maintain a unique formula for each body, that is a definition of each body itself. We have definite and unique formula for your own happiness. Is for experiencing by itself.

The traditionalist technologies used the ancient masters  are very particular in understanding about the  body and corresponding relationship to the marmas .

The Yogic Way


We have know-how together with substance to revert a human body to its original version to make it cure from any disease.  We follow the master’s guidelines for better result and happens.

If you feel


A disease with no cure , a disease is called a rare one, or a condition then you have to consult with us , we will have a remedy for you .